CARTO can be deployed in your own cloud, which means that all APIs and web applications will be hosted in your own cloud infrastructure.
CARTO can connect to your cloud data warehouses within your secured network environments to analyze your geospatial data and create maps without compromising security or data governance standards and regulations.


CARTO Self-Hosted is available in two different flavors, to match different levels of complexity and requirements:
  • Docker Compose
    • With this option, CARTO is deployed in a single VM using Docker Compose. This deployment is the easiest and fastest and will work well for most use cases.
  • Kubernetes
    • Using Kubernetes, CARTO can satisfy the most demanding scenarios and requirements. This option puts the focus on scalability and high-availability

Deployment guides

There are deployment guides available for the major cloud providers:


For the installation, CARTO will provide a license package that contains specific configuration and credentials files required to deploy your self-hosted CARTO tenant.


Requirements for the installation are detailed in the Deployment Guides for each cloud provider. Check this section to download them.

Docker Compose

All the necessary files, configurations, and instructions to deploy CARTO Self-Hosted using Docker Compose are available in this public repository.


All the Kubernetes Helm chart files and instructions needed to deploy CARTO Self-Hosted on your Kubernetes cluster are available in this public repository.
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