Release Notes

v2.3 - November, 2023

  • Breaking change: Add localization to widgets with react-intl. Read our upgrade guide for more information.

  • Several bug fixes in Widgets.

v2.2 - July, 2023

  • SelectField: simplification and changed to a controlled component.

  • MultipleSelectField: new component to handle multiple selection functionality

v2.1 - June, 2023

  • Widgets: more responsive and precise calculations performed by the data warehouses.

  • Widgets: selection mask applied to both global mode and viewport mode.

  • Widgets: global mode support for all the widget types.

  • Breaking change for styles: sx / classname props removal in Widgets

v2.0 - April, 2023

  • Migration to MUI5 & new Design System upgrade (new colors, fonts, sizes...)

  • New components: Typography, Button, Avatar, AppBar, LabelWithIndicator, PasswordField, SelectField, UploadField and AccordionGroup

  • Many fixes and stability improvements

  • Bump to latest >=8.9.6

  • Many improvements in the documentation & Storybook, to make the use by front-end developers much easier

  • Extra notes to help migrating to this new version are available in this UPGRADE document

v1.5 - February, 2023

  • New comparative widgets: ComparativeFormulaWidgetUI, ComparativeCategoryWidgetUI and ComparativePieWidgetUI (pure UI elements, not automatically connected to map)

  • Bug fixes in several places, especially widgets, googlemaps component and others

  • Performance improvements in FeatureSelectionLayer (aka ‘mask’)

  • Bump to latest 8.8.23 & other internal libs

  • This is the last version which is compatible with Material UI 4.

v1.4.7 - November 18th, 2022

  • New RangeWidget

  • Support for parameterized queries

  • Fix issue wrong computations in widgets connected to tilesets

  • Updated to 8.8.17

  • Many bug fixes

v1.3 - July 11th, 2022

  • New BarWidget

  • Support for GeocoderWidget with CARTO 3

  • Support for global mode in widgets

  • Support for sources using dynamic tiling

  • Support for sources using spatial indexes (H3 and Quadbins)

  • Support for SSO in CARTO 3 templates

  • Updated sample-app-3 template with new features

  • Minor improvements and bug fixes in the library and the templates.

v1.2 - February 28th, 2022

  • New widgets: feature selection and table

  • Support for tiles using WGS84 coordinates

  • Updated to 8.7

  • Updated sample-app-3 template with new widgets

  • New CARTO theme for several Material-UI components

  • Minor improvements and bug fixes in the library and the templates.

v1.1 - October 29th, 2021

  • Integration with CARTO 3 with support for GeoJSON data sources in layers and widgets

  • Base templates for CARTO 3 (JavaScript and TypeScript)

  • Sample app template for CARTO 3

  • New widgets: legend, scatterplot and time-series

  • Support for Google Maps vector basemaps

  • Updated to 8.6 for improved performance

  • Minor improvements and bug fixes in the library and the templates.

v1.0 - March 23rd, 2021

  • Base template for CARTO 2

  • Sample app template for CARTO 2

  • Widgets: formula, category, histogram, pie, geocoder

  • Automatic code generation for views, sources and layers

  • CARTO theme for Material-UI

  • Support for CARTO (vector) and Google (raster) basemaps

  • Application state management with Redux

  • Integrated authentication using OAuth

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