Q2 2024

New features and improvements introduced from April to June 2024

Support for custom basemaps in Builder

May 16th, 2024

New Builder

A basemap is a crucial component of any map, providing essential context, spatial features, and the visual foundation for your creations. To meet the unique needs of each organization, we now enable you to bring your own basemap directly into your CARTO organization.

Admin users at CARTO can now upload custom basemaps and tailor the basemap gallery options available to Editor users in Builder. Unleash your creativity and enjoy an enhanced map-making experience while maintaining a cohesive and consistent selection of basemaps throughout your organization. To learn more about how you can upload custom basemaps to the CARTO platform and the supported formats, check this page. For a step-by-step guide on custom basemaps, check out our new tutorial in the Academy.

Performance optimizations in Builder maps

May 14th, 2024

Improvement Builder

We are excited to introduce a set of enhancements in CARTO Builder designed to further improve the performance of our interactive map visualizations. With these improvements, Builder will:

  • Load only essential properties: Builder will now load only the essential properties from your tables or SQL queries when they are needed in the map. This reduces unnecessary data transfer and speeds up processing.

  • Reduce tile requests: The number of tile requests has been significantly reduced, resulting in faster map loading times and a smoother user experience.

  • Limit simultaneous queries: To enhance stability and prevent overload, Builder will limit the number of simultaneous queries, ensuring a more reliable performance.

These enhancements are part of our ongoing commitment to providing the best possible experience with CARTO Builder.

Redesigning our Developers section in CARTO Workspace

April 29th, 2024

Improvement Workspace

We believe that all paths to success start from the CARTO Workspace, and the path to successfully developing powerful geospatial apps isn't an exception. With this in mind, we've carefully redesigned the experience when accessing the Developers section, and these are the highlights:

  • New Overview with a curated list of documentation, guides and examples.

  • A simplified Credentials system to manage all your authentication methods.

    • This change unifies the management of API Access Tokens and OAuth Clients (previously known as Applications) in a single section, making more clear what each method is best for.

  • A new list containing all your API-enabled Workflows, for easy access.

Additionally, we've simplified the way that organizations decide the content in their Applications section. Before, it was a mix of developer credentials and apps registered by the administrator. Now, administrators in CARTO are in full control of managing Applications, including the visibility/sharing settings.

Developer credentials created before April 25th have been duplicated as applications to maintain the same visibility level as previously. Read more here.

Extended support for raster data sources in Data Explorer and Workflows

April 24th, 2024

New Workspace, Workfows

We're happy to introduce a suite of powerful new features that are set to enable working with raster data in CARTO. Before these were available, working with raster data required using external CLI applications and dealing with SQL queries manually in order to leverage the analytical capabilities of the CARTO Analytics Toolbox for Snowflake and BigQuery.

Import Cloud Optimized GeoTIFFs: Say goodbye to cumbersome raster data ingestion processes. With our latest enhancements, you can now effortlessly import Cloud Optimized GeoTIFFs to Snowflake and BigQuery via both the Import API and the Workspace UI. This provides a streamlined and efficient method for ingesting raster files into BigQuery and Snowflake, ensuring optimal storage efficiency and fast query access.

Raster Tables in Data Explorer: Dive deeper into your raster data in the data warehouse with full support for raster tables in the Data Explorer. Gain access to a specific set of metadata and custom actions for raster tables.

Workflow Components for Raster Analysis: Take your spatial analyses to the next level with our new Workflow components designed specifically for working with raster data sources. Whether you're looking to extract raster values or perform complex intersect and aggregate operations, our new components, including "Get Raster Values" and "Intersect and Aggregate Raster", provide you with the tools you need to unlock valuable insights from your raster datasets.

Generate PDF reports from your Builder maps

April 17th, 2024

New Builder

We’ve launched a new feature that allows you to download detailed PDF reports of your interactive Builder maps. These reports capture everything from the current map extent to widgets, parameters, and the map description.

Whether you're sharing insights with colleagues, presenting to stakeholders, or documenting your analysis, this new feature packs the richness of your interactive maps into a portable, easy-to-share format.

Get quicker, better answers with the new AI-powered help sidebar

April 11th, 2024

Improvement Workspace

A new AI-powered help assistant can now be found in the Help sidebar, available at all times from CARTO Workspace, Builder and Workflows.

It will provide quick answers based on our documentation and will link to the most relevant resource. With our documentation evolving and growing in size and depth, this AI-powered tool will save precious time and will guide you in the right direction without leaving CARTO. Ask anything!

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