The Workspace allows you to keep all your CARTO applications centralized so that you can access them quickly and easily from a single interface, named “Applications”.

In this section of the Workspace, you will see the list of the applications that have been currently registered by your organization. There are two ways to register an application:

  • Developer applications: these are the custom applications you and your team build using CARTO for Developers will appear in the list. For more information about how to build an app, read this guide.

  • Admin registered applications: any Admin in your organization can manually add applications under “Settings” to bookmark applications for the entire organization. This can be useful to link to external apps or resources, as well as apps created by other organizations, for instance, by CARTO Professional Services.

After the list, you’ll find a gallery of featured examples that showcase how CARTO can be expanded to cover the needs of many different organizations and use-cases, from data monetization to environmental challenges. Most examples can be accessed directly or provide a demo video. Feel free to contact us to know more about how these apps were built and how it would translate to your organization.

If you haven’t registered any application yet, you will see the following page:

Once you have a registered application, you will see the list of all current applications identified with their title, description, and a small logo. You can access them by clicking on each card.

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