CARTO Workspace can be the operational center for all your geospatial projects, including not just maps and workflows, but also any geospatial application that you (or someone else) has developed using CARTO or other technologies.

You can think of the "Applications" section as a place to bookmark geospatial solutions that are relevant to your end users in CARTO.

In this section, a list of Applications will be accessible for all/some editors and viewers within your organization, with each application being a URL shortcut that opens in a new page.

Adding new applications

Administrators (Admin role) can fully control the list of Applications that are shown in this list, including adding or removing applications. Administrators can also control each app's visibility for specific groups of users. To learn more, check the Managing Applications section of the documentation.

The Add new button in this section is only visible for admins, and will take the Admin to the relevant section in Settings.

Using applications

All users can access the list of applications, as configured by the admin. Simply click on an application to use it.

Below the list (or if you don't have any application), you'll find a gallery of featured examples that showcase how CARTO can be expanded to cover the needs of many different organizations and use-cases, from data monetization to environmental challenges. Most examples can be accessed directly or provide a demo video. Feel free to contact us to know more about how these apps were built and how it would translate to your organization.

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