CARTO Workspace overview

Learn everything you need to know about your Workspace and how to make the most out of it.

When you log in to your CARTO user account, you will be presented with your Workspace. The Workspace allows you to access all components of the CARTO platform via a single interface. It will allow you to manage connections to your data warehouse(s), explore your data, subscribe to Data Observatory datasets, develop spatial applications, and run visualizations and spatial analysis through our tools Builder and Workflows.


The first time that you access the Workspace, you will see a Welcome banner with links providing quick access to different actions to get you started with CARTO, like creating your first connection or your first map and workflow, or starting with your spatial analysis in an easy guided way from our editable pre-built demo maps and demo workflows.

From the “Connect your data warehouse” banner, you can easily connect your data warehouse(s) to start using CARTO by clicking on Create new connection button. Check the quick guides to connect data and creating your first map to get started.

After creating your connection, you can also upload local files right from the homepage by clicking on Import your data button. Check this guide to start importing your data into your data warehouse.

From the “What's new” section, you will find announcements of new features, interesting articles, and the latest news related to CARTO from our blog. Stay tuned and don’t miss out on the latest news!

Getting started

In this section you have a checklist with five quick steps to guide you to the different content pieces to help you get started with CARTO. Once you have completed all the steps, it will be marked as completed and you can close the panel by clicking on Close. If you want to skip the steps, just click on I´m ready, skip onboarding to close the panel.

Help sidebar

The help sidebar is always available, including when you're creating Maps and Workflows. It contains:

  • An AI-powered search bar, similar to the one you can use in this documentation. Ask anything about CARTO and get quick answers, pointing in the right direction and including a link to this documentation.

  • Relevant links to our What's new section, the CARTO Academy, and the CARTO Support team.

Recent maps

View your latest content. This module displays the latest maps that you have been working on, so that you can quickly access and continue working on them.

If you are the owner of the map, you will have access to the quick actions menu to manage your map by clicking on the three point icon in the top right hand corner. There are 4 options available: Edit name & description, Share, Duplicating maps and Delete.

Recent workflows

View your latest accessed workflows. This module displays the latest workflows that you have been working on, so that you can quickly access and continue working on them.

Recent datasets

View your latest datasets for easy access. This module displays the latest datasets that you have been working on, so that you can quickly access and continue working on them.

In the left panel, you can find the Navigation Menu with all the available options to access the CARTO components: Home, Maps, Data Explorer, Data Observatory, Connections, Settings, and Developers. In the bottom part of the menu, you have additional options to join the “CARTO Users” Slack channel, send us direct product feedback, or access the Documentation portal.

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