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When creating a new workflow, I cannot see the data sources available in my connection - what may be happening?

This may be because the data warehouse connection associated with the workflow does not have the required permissions to run Workflows in the data warehouse, such as the permission of creating schemas in the Workflows temp. location (configured in the advanced options of the connection card). Please choose or create another connection with data owner permissions or modify the permissions in the current connection and try again. If the issue persists, please contact our support team at [email protected].

Working with my data sources from a BigQuery connection I receive an error message about not having permissions to query the table or that the table does not exist on a specific region - What may be happening?

In order to function, CARTO Workflows creates a temporal dataset in BigQuery named workflows_temp in where to store temporary objects needed to fully execute a workflow. In BigQuery, we create such dataset in the default region of the GCP project associated to the BigQuery connection. If you then want to include in a workflow data sources that are stored in another region different to the "default" one of your GCP project, then you need to create a new workflows_temp dataset in that other region and specify its location in the Advanced options of your BigQuery connection.

Working with my data sources from a Snowflake connection I receive the following error message: "cannot get Workflow schema" - What may be happening?

In order to guarantee a successful execution of a workflow via a Snowflake connection, please make sure that in the settings of the connection you have specified the database of your Snowflake account with which you want to work via that specific connection. This field is now required by CARTO Workflows. Note that you can edit an existing connection at any time.