This documentation is for the CARTO Self-Hosted Legacy Version. Use only if you've installed this specific version. Explore our latest documentation for updated features.

Single VM deployment

You can just stop the CARTO Self-Hosted services (including removing any volumes from the system) and delete the carto-selfhosted directory.

In case you are running a local Postgres database (which is not recommended for Production environments), take into account that removing the docker volumes will delete the database information and your CARTO Self Hosted users information with it.

docker-compose down -V

Orchestrated container deployment

Follow the steps below if you're using an Orchestrated container deployment in Kubernetes.

helm uninstall carto --wait

If you are using the internal provided Postgres, to delete the data you need:

# ⚠️ This is going to delete the data of the PostgreSQL inside the cluster ⚠️
kubectl delete pvc data-carto-postgresql-0

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