CARTO provides robust customization options that help you adapt the platform to align perfectly with your brand and organizational needs. These include configuring your organization’s basemaps and tailoring the appearance and branding of the platform.

Configuring your basemaps

In this section, you have the flexibility to manage the types of basemaps available in Builder, including default CARTO basemaps, Google Maps basemaps, and custom basemaps. You also have the option to upload your own custom basemaps in supported formats, ensuring your maps precisely meet your organizational specifications. Discover more about basemap configurations here.

Customizing your branding

For customers aiming to make their brand more visible throughout the product, you can modify the appearance of both Workspace and Builder. This level of customization minimizes the presence of the CARTO brand to only basemap attributions, rendering publicly shared maps neutral for seamless integration into your own portals and websites. Explore more about branding customization here.

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