Exporting data

With Builder, you can easily export your map data as CSV file(s). This functionality respects all the filters you set using the feature selection tool, widgets, or SQL parameters. The resulting CSV file includes detailed attributes and, if applicable, a geometry column.

Exporting data as an Editor

The export viewport data button is located as a quick action next to the Share button, at the right top corner. It should be enabled as long as there are exportable data sources in Builder.

How to export:

  1. Click the 'Export data' button. This considers the current viewport extent and any applied filters.

  2. In the export window, select the layers you wish to export.

  3. Each selected layer generates a job in the activity panel. You can monitor export progress here while continuing your work.

  4. Once an export job is complete, click on the layer in the activity panel to download the CSV file(s).

Upon reviewal the output CSV file, you can visualize the detailed attributes included the geometry column if applicable. The output are the features within the viewport extent considering the filters if applicable for feature selection tool, widgets and parameters.

Bucket considerations

For SaaS, CARTO automatically manages buckets and data exports. Be aware that for exports from Snowflake and Redshift sources, the AWS cluster needs to match the organization's CARTO SaaS region. Check your CARTO SaaS region in Settings.

For Self-Hosted deployments, a bucket owned by the customer needs to be configured. Please refer to this documentation for more information.

Enabling export for Viewers

To allow viewers of your map to export data:

  1. Turn on 'Export viewport data', to enable viewers using the export viewport data functionality.

  2. Publish your changes.

Exporting data as Viewer

Viewers can export data following these steps:

  1. Choose the layer(s) to download from the modal window.

  2. Each layer's export creates a job for tracking. Monitor the progress in the dedicated section.

  3. Upon completion, click on the layer export job and download the CSV file(s).

Export limitations

  • There’s a limit of 8 layers per export process.

  • Pre-generated Tileset data sources don’t support export.

  • For RDS for PostgreSQL data sources, make sure you have the S3 bucket integration set up, as it's necessary for export.

  • If you're using non-RDS for PostgreSQL data sources, keep in mind that export functionality isn't supported.

  • Exporting viewport data isn’t available for Databricks data sources.

  • Exporting viewport data is currently limited to Snowflake and Redshift data sources within AWS. This feature is not supported for Snowflake and Redshift hosted in GCP or Azure.

Exporting data from Builder maps can be disabled entirely, for all users in your organization, for security purposes. If you're an admin and want to disable exporting data, contact us through your usual point of contact or via email to support@carto.com.

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