Once your data sources are connected to your map, as explained in this guide, you can use Builder to analyze and discover key insights from your location data. This guide describes how to work with map layers in CARTO Builder.
When opening a map, all added layers for the selected map appear in the left side panel. The layers list appears by default, displaying the basemap and map data layer(s) that are the backbone for your visualization.
The following features are available in the list of layers of your map in Builder:
  • Layers label: layers are provided with a label that is created alphabetically (A, B, C, D). Also each layer is labeled with a unique color to help you distinguish them. Each layer icon displays the geometry type behind the data as either a point, line, polygon, or empty.
  • Layers order: layers are rendered from bottom to top, with basemaps being the bottom layer. Move the mouse to the left of the layer card and click on the dots that appear to drag a layer and rearrange the hierarchal order of how layers are rendered on your map.
  • Layer style: click on Layer style to apply custom styling to your layer.
  • Rename layer: click on Rename to edit the name of the layer.
  • Duplicate layer: click on Duplicate layer to create a copy of your layer and to add it to the map.
  • Show/hide layer: to show/hide the layer in the map.
  • Remove layer: click on Delete layer to remove a layer from the map.
  • Blend layers: by selecting an option from the dropdown at the bottom of the Layers panel. There are three different ways to blend layers: Normal, Additive, and Subtractive.