Key concepts

There are a few concepts that are repeated throughout the different Analytics Toolbox modules and functions, and that are unique to geospatial analytics. In this section of our documentation you will find some articles to introduce you to some of those key concepts.

  • Tilesets: tilesets are a method to progressively load data for the visualization of large-scale datasets in a map. The tiler module allows you to create tilesets out of your data. Learn more about tilesets in the following subsection.

  • Spatial Indexes: spatial indexes are systems that provide a relationship between geospatial data and a hierarchical grid systems, represented by geospatial indexes. There are huge performance and scalability benefits of aggregating data using spatial indexes. The most common spatial indexes libraries are Quadbin, H3, and S2, which CARTO supports with different modules in the Analytics Toolbox. Learn more about spatial indexes. Learn more about spatial indexes in the following subsection.

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