Results panel

In this section you will be able to analyze the outcome generated by the different steps of your workflow. All the information is divided in four different tabs:
  • Messages: messages related with the execution of the corresponding operation/component of the workflow in the data warehouse. If error have been reported during executing, they will be detailed here as we have captured from the data warehouse\
  • Data: Preview of the input data sources and of the result (output) of the selected node in tabular format. In this tab, you can find a selector if the node/component has more than one output to choose which one you want to preview, plus the name and the type of the variables and a sample of the data.\
  • Map: Preview of the input data sources and of the result (output) of the selected node in a map. This tab will only be active in case the data has geographic information (geometry/geography data type). Here you can also click on “Create map”, which will create a new map in CARTO Builder with the data you are previewing.\
  • SQL: The SQL code corresponding to the execution of the entire workflow, as it is sequentially executed in the user's data warehouse. The availability of this code makes easier to understand to the user what is executed behind the scenes when running the designed workflow. It also allows users to copy the code and execute it directly in their data warehouse console and then to program scheduling services. Please bear in mind that this SQL code corresponds to the last version of the workflow that has been executed, and that this may be different from the current version of the workflow (which may have been updated or modified by the user after the last execution of the workflow). To update the SQL code to reflect your latest changes, please re-run your workflow.