Histogram widget

The Histogram Widget visually summarize the distribution of a continuous numeric variable by measuring the frequency at which certain values appear in the dataset.

The x-axis of the Histogram Widget has been split into buckets. For each bucket, a bar is drawn where the width of the bar represents the range of the bucket, and the height of the bar represents the number of features that fall into that range.

Widget Data

In the Data section of the widget configuration, select a continuous numeric field. It's advisable to select a numeric variable with a continuous distribution for optimal results.

Widget Display

In the Display options section, you can customize the number of buckets, which helps you control the granularity of your data representation. Additionally, you can also customize the limit values of your data that can be useful if you are looking to filter some features out your visualization.

In the display section, you can also use formatting to choose the unit of metrics displayed on the y-axis. Additionally, you can add notes that support Markdown syntax.

Widget Behavior

Within the "Behavior" section, you can define how your widget operates: choose between "Viewport" or "Global" modes. Additionally, you can make your widgets collapsible, allowing you to hide them when needed.

Moreover, you can conveniently enabled or disabled the filtering capability of your widget by using the cross-filtering toggle icon.

Learn more about widget behavior here.

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