Map description

The map description feature enriches your map by adding contextual details. This makes it easier for all viewers, even those unfamiliar with the subject, to understand and utilize the map's information effectively.

This feature supports Markdown syntax, enabling you to incorporate headers, text formatting, links, images, and more. This added layer of customization enhances clarity and provides better insights into the displayed data, assumptions, and even guidelines for interpretation.

To add a description to your map, complete the following steps:

  1. After clicking, Edit mode will activate, revealing a designated input area in the right panel. You can use Markdown syntax for advanced formatting options, including links and images.

  2. Use the Preview mode to see how your description will appear to viewers.

Once you've added the description and updated the map, it becomes immediately available for all viewers upon publication.

To ensure the map description panel is the first thing viewers see when the map loads, publish the map with the description visible. If you don't, the Widgets/Parameters panel, if present, will display by default.

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