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The CARTO Workspace includes functionalities for creating and publishing maps in a simple manner, using the CARTO map tool: Builder.
Builder is designed to allow technical and non-technical audiences to visualize, explore, and filter large amount of location data in your browser.
This guide will teach you how to create a map in the CARTO Builder, and perform data analysis by adding data to a map, adding filters, and more.
In the Maps section of the Workspace, you will see the list of your current maps. If you haven’t created a map yet, you will see the following page:
To create a new map, click Create your first map. This will open the CARTO map tool: Builder.
CARTO Builder contains many features that guide you through the process of creating a map, changing the styling, and selecting how your data appears. Use the following task list as guide for some of the main CARTO Builder features:
  • Add your data guide
  • Configure your map settings guide
  • Style your maps guide
  • Customize your map views guide
  • Apply a mask to your map and filter out your data guide
  • Add spatial sql analysis guide
  • Publish and share your maps guide