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CARTO can connect to a Databricks SQL Warehouse or a Databricks cluster. In both cases, the connection fully supports H3 indexes.
Working with geometries is only supported when connecting to a Databricks cluster and it requires the installation of the com.carto.analyticstoolbox.core library (in Beta). Check out the installation instructions for more information.
CARTO can connect to Databricks to push down SQL queries that will be executed in your Databricks SQL Warehouse or Databricks cluster.
If you want to create a connection to Databricks, you need to select the Databricks connector in the New connection dialog. After you select the connector click the Setup connection button.
These are the parameters you need to provide:
  • Name: A name to identify this connection across different CARTO interfaces.
  • Server: Server host URL of your SQL Warehouse or cluster.
  • HTTP Path: HTTP Path of your SQL Warehouse or cluster.
  • Port: TCP port that will be used to create the connection.
  • Token: A Databricks user token. The connection will inherit permission and access privileges of the user that generates the token.
  • Catalog: This parameter is needed for connections to SQL Warehouses. Select a Catalog that will be available through this connection.
Once you have entered the parameters, you can click the Connect button. CARTO will try to connect to Databricks, and if everything is OK, your new connection will be registered.

Require Viewer Credentials

Connections to Databricks can be set up to require viewer credentials. This means that instead of using the credentials (token) of the user that created the connection, each user will have to provide their own credentials to use it.
Click on "Permissions and Sharing > Manage options" to set your Databricks connection to require viewer credentials.
After the setup, other logged-in users (no matter what their role is) will see a prompt like this every time they want to use the connection. This happens when creating maps but also when previewing data in Data Explorer or when consuming maps as a viewer.
All Databricks users can obtain a token by clicking on User Settings > Access Tokens. Once inside, you can create a new token for CARTO, set the desired expiration and copy-paste it into CARTO.
The token can be removed from CARTO at any time from the connection panel or the map topbar, and a different one can be added afterwards.
The connection will require viewers to input their own credentials except if the map is public.

IP Whitelisting

If you're using the cloud version of CARTO (SaaS), CARTO will connect to Databricks using a set of static IPs for each region. Check this guide to find the IPs you need to allow for your specific region.