Analytics Toolbox for Databricks

The Analytics Toolbox for Databricks is experimental and the API might be subject to changes in the future.
The core package of Analytics Toolbox is only needed to work with geometries. Support for H3 indexes is provided natively by Databricks and CARTO and it doesn’t require any additional installation.
The CARTO Analytics Toolbox Core for Databricks provides geospatial functionality through SQL to unlock Spatial Analytics. It is comprised of a set of ST functions organized in different modules based on the functionality they offer. These functions provide the foundation needed to work with geometries in Databricks.
There are two types of modules: core modules, that are open source, and advanced modules, only available with a CARTO account.
The Analytics Toolbox is distributed as a JAR package, available and ready to be installed in your Databricks cluster directly from the Maven repository. See the installation instructions to get started.
Visit the Reference to see the full list of available functions.