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Q4 2023

New features and improvements introduced from October to December 2023

Export Workflows results to a bucket

November 28th, 2023
New Workflows
We have just released a new component in Workflows that allows exporting the result from any node in a workflow to a storage bucket.
The node's data will be exported as a series of files, which URLs will be stored in a table. Just inspect the Data tab in the results panel to access the links to each file.
This component is currently available for all CARTO Data Warehouse and BigQuery connections.

Improvements to the results panel in Workflows

November 27th, 2023
Improvement Workflows
We have added a few improvements to the results panel in Workflows that are focused on better usability and data exploration capabilities:
  • Renovated, sleeker design;
  • See when the workflow was executed for the last time;
  • Easily find the number of columns and rows of a result;
  • Explore the complete result with pagination for optimal performance;
  • Copy the content of a page to the clipboard, ready to be pasted into a spreadsheet;
  • Analyze statistics of each column:
    • Frequency of the Top 20 categories for string, date and timestamp columns;
    • Maximum and minimum values, average and sum for numeric columns.
  • SQL control code is hidden to facilitate readability.
Find all the documentation about these improvements here.

Support for OAuth connections in Snowflake

November 22nd, 2023
New Workspace
You can now set up an OAuth integration to connect CARTO and Snowflake. This allows users to follow their usual Snowflake login flow (Snowflake OAuth) to set up their connections in CARTO, which has security benefits and is a more familiar process for all Snowflake users.
If you have an external identity provider integrated in Snowflake such as Azure Active Directory or Okta, we also support External OAuth to achieve the same process.

Measure point-to-point distances in Builder maps

November 16th, 2023
New Builder
We're excited to announce the latest feature in Builder - a distance measure tool that will allow users to measure distances between two points on their maps.
This new functionality is ideal for a diverse range of use cases, from planning tasks to gaining a deeper understanding of spatial relationships between various map elements.

Style qualitative data using hex color codes

November 6th, 2023
New Builder
In Builder, you now have the capability to style your qualitative data using hex color codes pulled directly from your table or SQL query sources. If you're curious about generating these hex color codes, we've prepared a tutorial to assist you, detailing the steps using either Workflows or SQL. What's especially exciting? The range of possibilities this opens up. Whether you're aligning with your company's branding, looking to automatically style a high number of categories, or exploring diverse color schemes, the choice is all yours.

Collection of Workflows examples

October 25th, 2023
New Workflows
We have just published a new collection of workflows examples, designed with a hands-on approach to empower users and ease the learning curve for using CARTO Workflows.
It showcases a wide range of scenarios, from simple building blocks for your geospatial analysis to more complex, industry-specific workflows tailored to suit specific use cases.
Take a look at our catalog of workflows examples here!

Improved import capabilities in Workflows

October 25th, 2023
New Workflows
We have added a new mechanism to import a workflow into your account. Just download an example from the gallery, drag and drop into your CARTO Workspace (or browse a file from your computer) and the workflow will be automatically re-created in your account.
And also we have just added a new way to import data into a workflow. Either from a local file in your computer, or from a URL, this new feature facilitates the task of incorporating data into your analytical pipelines.

New Pie Widget available in Builder

October 18th, 2023
New Builder
The new Pie Widget is designed to simplify the visualization of complex categorical data in Builder, making it more user-friendly and insightful.
Thanks to this new feature you can quickly and easily analyze data proportions and category weights, allowing for better understanding of each data category within your dataset. This enhancement empowers users to make more informed decisions by providing a clearer view of their data.
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