Legends are essential components of geospatial data visualization, providing valuable context and a better understanding of the data represented on a map.

In the Legend tab in Builder, you have the flexibility to configure both the layers appearing in the legend and the legend controls.

Layer Configuration

Layer configuration options offer control over the visibility and labelling of individual layers in the legend:

  • Layer visibility: Use the toggle button to show or hide the style details of specific layers in the legend.

  • Edit layer labels: Customize the text labels for each layer, including property labels and labels specific to different steps or categories within the layer.

The order in which layers appear in the Legend corresponds to the layer order in the map.

Legend Controls

Under "More legend options", you have the ability to manage the legend configuration with the following options:

  • Layer selector: Enable users to toggle the visibility of individual layers on/off

  • Open when loading the map: By default, the legend is expanded and visible when a published map is opened.

Pre-generated tileset layers styled with HexColor are not currently supported in the legend. If you require this functionality, please provide feedback through your CARTO point of contact.

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