Q3 2023

New features and improvements introduced from July to September 2023

Multiple series and custom temporal aggregations in the Time Series Widget

September 30th, 2023

Improvement Builder

We have upgraded our Time Series Widget in Builder to boost your temporal data analysis experience. These enhancements bring a new level of customization to your data exploration, offering:

  • Enhanced temporal precision: Our upgraded Time Series Widget empowers you with precise control over temporal data aggregation. You can now extract insights using custom time intervals and enjoy greater granularity, resulting in more accurate analyses.

  • Analysis of multiple time series: Unlock the ability to analyze multiple time series simultaneously within the widget, enabling seamless concurrent analysis over time.

New components in Workflows for data enrichment, statistics and retail analytics

September 30th, 2023

New Workflows

We have released a new set of components in Workflows for Data Enrichment:

Each of them allows to enrich different types of geospatial data, and all of them allow using both a Data Observatory subscription or a custom table as source for the enrichment data.

Additionally, we have released a new component for advanced Statistics and for Retail Analytics, initially supported in Google BigQuery:

These additions to Workflows will make it a lot easier to leverage data enrichment and advanced statistical capabilities in CARTO, integrating these complex processes as just another step in a workflow.

Leveraging SSO in applications built with CARTO

September 7th, 2023

Improvement CARTO for Developers

Developers building applications with CARTO can now leverage their existing Single Sign-On (SSO) integration enabled in their organization to authenticate users.

Given the right setup, these applications will now be able to manage existing users and also first-time users coming from the SSO Identity Provider (IdP) that didn't exist previously in CARTO. The experience for these new users is seamless, without any action or step required. This is an extension of the Just-in-time provisioning setting available in CARTO Workspace.

The changes needed to fully leverage SSO and Just-in-time provisioning are covered:

Data Observatory subscriptions as data sources in Workflows

September 5th, 2023

New Workflows

We have just made Data Observatory subscriptions available in the Data Sources panel in Workflows.

This will make premium and public datasets a lot easier to work with: just drag and drop your available samples or subscriptions to the canvas and start building your workflow.

With this new addition to Workflows, the largest catalog of curated geospatial datasets is readily available to be integrated with your cloud native analytical pipelines with just a few clicks. Check this new feature documentation here.

Richer descriptions for Builder maps

September 4th, 2023

New Builder

We're delighted to announce the next level of map description functionality in CARTO Builder: Richer map descriptions with support for Markdown. This upgrade takes our previous map description feature to a whole new level.

With the new richer map descriptions, you're not just adding text; you're crafting a more engaging user experience. The support for Markdown syntax allows you to include various text formats, headers, links, images, and even bullet-point lists, elevating the user's understanding and interaction with your map. To learn how to add Richer Map Descriptions to your maps, click here.

Support for Numeric SQL Parameter

August 9th, 2023

New Builder

We're thrilled to unveil our newest addition to CARTO Builder - the Numeric SQL Parameter, expanding our portfolio of supported SQL parameter types. This innovative feature offers users enhanced interaction with numerical data within Builder.

Leveraging the Numeric SQL parameter, users can seamlessly retrieve single or pair numeric values from a Control UI to update the underlying data sources. It's an excellent option for those requiring to filter data by specific numeric ranges or adjusting analytical outputs based on numerical inputs.

Learn more about how to set up and use SQL Parameters in your maps here.

Sharing controls for Applications

July 24th, 2023

New Workspace

We have added the possibility to control the visibility of Applications in CARTO through the usual sharing options (private, entire organization...), including the ability to share an application only with specific groups of users.

This is especially interesting to customize what applications are shown for each user in the CARTO Workspace depending on the groups that they belong to, and also to start developing applications privately, without the app shortcut being shown to other users. You will find more information for these use cases and other details in the Managing Applications section in this documentation.

Mapping groups to user roles in CARTO

July 20th, 2023

Improvement Workspace

Administrators in CARTO now have the possibility to automatically assign a role to their users based on the groups that they belong to. To do so, just enable this feature and map each group to a user role. For example, you can map the group acme_data_analysts to get the editor role in CARTO, and new users belonging to that group will automatically get the editor role as well.

This is a powerful approach to quickly onboard dozens or hundreds of users into CARTO while maintaining effortless and enterprise-grade controls over the privileges of each user. Learn more about mapping groups to user roles.

Viewer credentials mode when sharing BigQuery connections

July 13th, 2023

New Workspace

Previously, whenever you created a BigQuery connection using OAuth ("Sign in with Google") it had to remain private, to prevent other users from impersonating your personal credentials.

With the addition of the new viewer credentials mode when sharing connections, we're unlocking several benefits for organizations using BigQuery:

  • Now you can collaborate in maps using a shared BigQuery OAuth connection

  • Instead of creating one connection per user, you can create just one connection and share it with everyone, with fewer management issues.

  • By requiring viewer credentials, you can leverage row-level security and other policies set in your data warehouse.

Search locations by latitude and longitude in Builder

July 6th, 2023

New Builder We are thrilled to introduce the enhanced Search Location Bar, formerly known as the Address Search Bar. This feature now includes the ability to search for locations using coordinates. Simply input latitude and longitude values, and instantly visualize the corresponding location on the map.

Whether you're exploring remote areas, analyzing specific points of interest, or seeking valuable insights, our coordinate search feature empowers you to navigate with precision and seamlessly uncover new possibilities.

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