Formula Widget

Formula Widget allows you to derive Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and metrics by performing operations directly from your source data.
When configuring the Formula Widget calculations, you have the flexibility to choose from a provided aggregation list or to set a custom aggregation.
The provided aggregation list options include COUNT, AVG, MAX, MIN, and SUM, offering a range of commonly used operations. When using these aggregation options, you simply need to specify the field from your data source that you want to aggregate.
For more complex and custom calculations, you can select the custom aggregation option to create your own SQL Expression. With this option, you can use a wide range of SQL functions, operators and syntax using single or multiple columns from your data source.
From the display options, you can also change the format and add some notes to your widget. In this example, we aggregate the data by the average total of revenue based on the revenue column.
Custom aggregation option in Formula Widget is not available for pre-generated Tilesets and Aggregated grids based on Spatial Indexes.