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How can I get a Student account in CARTO?

How can I get an Educator acccount?

We need Enterprise capabilities for our institution or academic research, can you help?

What is the process for getting a CARTO Student account?

I am an educator and my course materials use the previous version of CARTO. What can I do?

Why do you need this?

🎓 You are a student

🏫 You are an educator or academic institution

We routinely hear from students, teachers, professors, and university administrators that they’d love to use CARTO in the classroom. Here is how schools and individual students may make use of CARTO:

  • Individual Student Accounts: free CARTO accounts via GitHub Student Developer Pack

  • Educator Accounts: free CARTO accounts by request

  • Enterprise Accounts for Education: discounts and grants on a case by case basis

How can I get a Student account in CARTO?

Students can create a free CARTO account via GitHub’s Student Developer Pack. When they sign up for the pack, they’ll also get access to a ton of other free development tools! See the process and eligibility requirements below.

How can I get an Educator account?

Educators are also eligible for a free CARTO account. Request an Educator account by completing the following request form, attaching a document that accredits your educator status. We welcome educators from accredited institutions as well as bootcamps and similar training organizations.

–> Request your Educator account here

We need Enterprise capabilities for our institution or academic research, can you help?

Academic researchers and others in the education field, whether at a school, university, independent research center, or boot camp, can make use of CARTO Enterprise at a discount. Contact sales to learn more.

What is the process for getting a CARTO Student account?

To verify that only eligible students are accessing CARTO, we take advantage of Github’s verification system. This means you will need to go through their channels to ensure you receive the proper student account:

Step 1: Sign up for Github

  1. Sign up for a free Github account, using your university issued email to do so:



  2. Here’s a video-tutorial with all the steps:

Step 2: Apply for the Github Education Pack

To be eligible, you must

  • Be a student aged 13+ and enrolled in a degree or diploma granting course of study

  • Verify who you are with one of the following:

    • a school-issued email address

    • provide a valid student identification card

    • other official proof of enrollment

Step 3: Wait for verification and confirm

Once you apply, Github will need to verify you are, in fact, a student. This could take from 1 hour to several days. Please be patient and wait for your official verification, it is important for the process.

Upon verification, you will receive an email from Github that you have access to the Education Pack

If you have any questions regarding Github’s verification process, please reach out to their support team at Please also keep an eye on your spam folder, as your university email policies might route the verification message there.

Step 4: Claim your CARTO student account

🎉 Congratulations! You can now claim your free CARTO Student account here:

This process will connect your GitHub account. Remember you should that URL for login too, although it will always be available from the general login page.


To login to your CARTO Student account you’ll need to always use this specific URL:

I am an educator and my course materials use the previous version of CARTO. What can I do?

First of all, thank you for using CARTO to unlock the potential of geospatial analysis with your students. We believe the new version of CARTO will carve out a new path for cloud native Location Intelligence for the years to come — Happy to have you onboard!

To update your teaching materials to reflect the new version of CARTO, we recommend you follow these simple steps. As an example, if your course content consisted of 5 datasets and 10 maps, updating content to the new CARTO platform shouldn’t take longer than a couple of hours.

  1. First, access your previous CARTO account:

  2. Open the dataset(s) you need and export them in CSV format. More info here.

  3. Use your new credentials to access your CARTO account:

  4. Import the .CSV datasets you have exported

    • If you don’t have a data warehouse, you can use the CARTO Data Warehouse provided by us

    • Follow our detailed guide for importing here

  5. Finally, using our new Builder tool, recreate the maps you’ll need for your course content.

We appreciate these updates require some time and effort on your side, but rest assured, we won’t be limiting access to your previous CARTO account any time soon.

If you're in a rush

For this semester: don’t panic! Students can still sign up for the previous version of CARTO using the student pack until April 30th 2022. They just need to follow this link:

From May 1st onwards, the signup process will be closed, but existing student and educator accounts will remain active. You can continue to use them for this semester, giving you time to update your materials for the next academic year.

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