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Welcome to the CARTO Documentation Center! All of the resources you need to unlock the power of the platform.

Getting started with CARTO

CARTO is the only cloud-first spatial platform built for accelerated, modern GIS. It runs natively on top of your cloud data warehouse platform (e.g. Google BigQuery, Snowflake, AWS Redshift, etc.), providing easy access to highly scalable spatial analysis and visualization capabilities in the cloud — be it for analytics, app development, data engineering, and more.

CARTO Platform

CARTO unlocks the power of spatial analysis in the cloud, extending the visualization, analysis and development capabilities of the leading cloud data warehouse platforms, such as Google BigQuery, Snowflake and Amazon Redshift.
Find out how to get the most out of our Location Intelligence platform with our product documentation:

Data and Analysis

Development tools

We also offer additional guidance and tips for customers using CARTO + Mapbox GL JS and CARTO + Amazon Location.


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