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In some setups, it may be more suitable - or even necessary - to deploy CARTO in your own infrastructure. For scenarios such as when access to your data warehouse is very restrictive, when you are not able to configure in the CARTO Cloud deployment the credentials to connect with your data warehouse, or when your data is inside a virtual private cloud (VPC) or behind your virtual private network (VPN), CARTO has made available the option of a Self-Hosted deployment. This is for example a common option for businesses in the healthcare, telco, insurance, and finance industries to remain compliant to their strict security and network policies.
CARTO Self-Hosted can be deployed locally and on several cloud infrastructure providers such as GCP, AWS, Azure, and Kubernetes. See the deployment overview for a full list of options and installation instructions.
CARTO Self-Hosted can run on a variety of platforms using a set of Docker images. The available deployment methods vary in complexity and scalability, so you can choose between a Single VM deployment or an Orchestrated container deployment, based on your requirements and use case. There is no better or preferred method, it depends on your needs.

Single VM deployment (Docker Compose)

CARTO is deployed in a single VM using Docker Compose. This deployment is the easiest and fastest. This method might be appropriate if you and your team:
  • Are currently evaluating CARTO or deploying CARTO for the first time;
  • Have less experience with Docker or DevOps concepts;
  • Need a lightweight, low-cost, and low-maintenance deployment method;
  • Would like to deploy CARTO on a small-scale or single-server environment.

Orchestrated container deployment (Kubernetes)

CARTO can be deployed in an orchestrated environment using Kubernetes. This method might be appropriate if you and your team:
  • Already use Kubernetes to deploy other applications;
  • Have experience with Docker or DevOps concepts;
  • Require scalability, high availability, and resilience.

Installation options: Self-Service and Assisted installations

CARTO Self-hosted offers flexibility in the installation process to accommodate a range of customer preferences and infrastructure complexities. For customers with technical expertise and a straightforward setup, we offer a Self-Service installation option, enabling you to independently install and configure the product using our comprehensive installation guides.
However, we understand some organizations may have intricate setups such as Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), VPN, restricted network access, HTTPS proxy, or other specialized requirements. In such cases, we offer Assisted installations, where our expert team collaborates closely with you to ensure a seamless and tailored deployment. Our goal is to provide a solution that fits your specific needs, regardless of the level of installation assistance required.
If you require an Assisted installation please book time with us.