Managing applications

As we've seen in Applications, CARTO Workspace can be the operational center for all your geospatial projects, including not just maps and workflows, but also any geospatial application that you (or someone else) has developed using CARTO or other technologies.

You can think of the "Applications" section as a place to bookmark geospatial solutions that are relevant to your end users in CARTO.

This section covers how as a CARTO administrator you can manage the applications that are shown to your end users in the Applications section.

Adding new applications

You can add new applications so that all users in your CARTO organization have quick and easy access to them from the CARTO Workspace. To add a new app, click the Add new button. The following screen shows the different options for each application:

You can pin applications to the Homepage

If you want a specific application to be even more prominent for your end users, you can decide to show it directly in the Homepage. A pinned application will also be shown in the Applications section.

Sharing applications

You can decide which end users will view each application in their Applications (and Home if pinned) section of the CARTO Workspace. These are the possibilities:

  • Private: only you will view this application.

  • Organization: only users in your CARTO organization will view this application in their Workspace.

    • Entire organization: this application will be visible to all users in your organization regardless of their role.

    • Specific groups: this application will only be visible to the groups of users you select. Learn more about User Groups in CARTO.

These privacy settings only apply to the visibility throughout CARTO Workspace. It doesn't mean they can or can't access the app itself. Each app is responsible for managing user authentication.

Editing and deleting applications

Applications can be edited at any time, including changing the privacy settings. When you delete an application, it is automatically removed from this list, the Applications section, and the homepage if it was pinned.

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