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Pie Widget

A Pie Widget offers a visual representation of categorical data as a circular chart, where each category is depicted as a slice of the pie. The size of each slice corresponds to its relative value within the whole dataset, making it a valuable tool for illustrating proportions and comparisons within the total data set.
Pie widget in Builder for mobile coverage in catalonian

Widget Data

When configuring the Pie Widget, you can either perform a simple COUNT operation over your define category field or you can perform an aggregated operation using AVG, MAX, MIN, or SUM on your define numeric field for each of the specified categories. For example, you can calculate the AVG signal for each network type.
Performing an aggregation operation with Pie widget

Widget Display

From Display options, you can also change the formatting of the values displayed. Additionally, you add some notes that support Markdown syntax to provide further context to users.
Using formatting and notes for Pie widget

Widget Behavior

Within the "Behavior" section, you can define how your widget operates: choose between "Viewport" or "Global" modes. Additionally, you can make your widgets collapsible, allowing you to hide them when needed. Learn more about widget behavior here.