Measure distances

Using Builder you can calculate point-to-point distances using the Measure tool. This tool is ideal to determine the direct distance between two locations on the map.

To use the Measure tool, complete the following steps:

  • Open a Builder map.

  • Click on the Measure tool to activate it.

  • Click on your starting point on the map, then continue to click along the line you wish to measure. You can add multiple nodes to trace the exact path or route.

  • To complete your measurement, either double-click on the final point or press Enter.

The tool will then display the total distance, allowing you to easily measure distances for a variety of applications.

Moving the map while measuring

If you need to measure something that extends beyond the current view of the map, like a long street, you can move the map while measuring. Simply press and hold the mouse button and drag the map to adjust your view. Continue your measurement seamlessly, and the tool will keep a running total of the distance. To finish, just double-click.

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