CARTO Cloud Regions

For new CARTO cloud deployments, users can choose between four different regions. These correspond to four separate CARTO tenants, each located in a different geographical location:

  • United States East

  • Europe West (located in the EU)

  • Asia Northeast (located in Japan)

  • Australia Southeast

These tenants are fully managed CARTO deployments that we host on our own cloud (on the Google Cloud Platform). We manage configuration, updates, and versioning. Changes to CARTO are pushed simultaneously to these four tenants, so they are functionally equivalent.

All your organization’s data such as maps, workflows, applications, etc; will be stored in the selected region. In addition, the CARTO Data Warehouse of your organization will be located in that region as well.

Choosing a region

There are a two main considerations when choosing a region:

  • Proximity to your data

  • Compliance and data regulations

Ideally, you should choose the region that is closest to your data to reduce latency and improve performance. For example, if you’re planning to connect CARTO to your Google BigQuery or Snowflake data in any US region, we recommend you choose the CARTO US region for optimal performance.

Some organizations might also have to choose a region that complies with specific data protection and privacy regulations, such as GDPR in the EU.

For additional help, you can use Google Cloud's Region Picker to help you select a cloud region.

Checking my organization's region

The region of your organization is visible from the admin panel in the Organization Settings.

If you're not an admin, you can still check your organization's region by looking at the URL:

  • clausa stands for United States East

  • pinea for Europe West

  • thunbergii for Asia Northeast

  • radiata for Australia Southeast

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