Migration to the new platform

Why should I migrate to the new version of the CARTO platform?

The new platform offers you a complete cloud native experience, and unparalleled geospatial analysis and visualization capabilities on top of the leading cloud data warehouse platforms (i.e. Google BigQuery, Snowflake, AWS Redshift and Databricks), eliminating the need of complex ETLs and the limits of scalability that our previous platform had.
In the new CARTO, we have implemented a new and more powerful version of CARTO Builder, further advanced our Data Observatory and Development tools, and created a new suite of geospatial analytics functions that can be run natively in the aforementioned cloud data warehouse platforms.
Our teams are currently laser focused on evolving both functionality and user experience to make the new CARTO the most powerful spatial analytics platform available in the market. Although we currently do not have any plans to deprecate the previous version, we recommend you to start your new projects in the new CARTO platform. CARTO will not be doing any further developments on the components of the old version of the platform, which will remain “as is”.

Is CARTO going to provide me assistance if I would like to migrate to the new platform?

CARTO offers technical assistance for platform migrations to all our enterprise customers at no additional cost. If you have an Enterprise plan and you would like our assistance to migrate to the new version of our platform, please contact your CARTO representative or the Support team at [email protected].

What type of objects can be migrated between platforms?

We can only offer migration support between platform versions for data tables and your active Data Observatory subscriptions.

Can I migrate my maps from the previous version to the new version of CARTO?

No. Unfortunately, since the technology stack between platforms is completely different, we cannot offer compatibility of maps built in the previous version of CARTO with our new technology. If you have TAM hours in your Support package, please ask your Customer Success Manager for an evaluation of the effort required to build your maps in the new platform.

What information will you need to provide to receive assistance with the migration?

In order for us to assist you with the migration to the new CARTO platform, we will need to receive the following information about your CARTO account in the previous version of the platform:
  • The name(s) of the CARTO organization(s) in the previous version of the platform that you want to migrate to the new version;
  • The name of the CARTO organization in the new platform to which you want to migrate your data to;
  • A list of the data tables to migrate;
  • An estimate on the size of the tables that you want to migrate;
  • Whether you have a cloud data warehouse from the supported ones (i.e. Google BigQuery, AWS Redshift, Snowflake, Databricks) or your own PostgreSQL database to which you want to migrate the data to use it with the new platform. If not, we will migrate your data to your instance in the CARTO Data Warehouse.

Do I need to provide an authorization for CARTO to work on my platform migration?

Yes. For us to be able to actively assist you with the platform migration, we will need you to send us a written authorization with the following text in order to give us the required permissions:
“I request CARTO to create an additional Editor user in my CARTO organization account on the new platform version.
This Editor user will be only used by the CARTO team to migrate my data from the previous version of CARTO to the new platform (“Migration Services”).
I also grant CARTO access to my organization account {NAME OF THE ACCOUNT} in the previous platform version of CARTO as part of the Migration Services.
Once the Migration Services are completed, CARTO will hand over the tables created and will remove the additional Editor user created in my CARTO organization account.
CARTO’s team will only have access to the data in my CARTO accounts in order to perform the Migration Services.”

If my data tables are migrated to the CARTO Data Warehouse in the new platform, are there any associated costs with its usage?

CARTO provides an instance of the CARTO Data Warehouse and monthly usage quotas with every subscription plan depending on the tier. Please get in touch with your CARTO representative to understand the service level associated with your subscription plan. You can read more information on this topic here.

Will the platform migration tasks interfere with the standard service?

Any task associated with the platform migration is not expected to interfere with your CARTO service. In any case, CARTO will agree with you on a timeframe to carry out the migration activities, so you are completely informed on when these will be performed and therefore reduce the chances of any interference with your own usage of your CARTO accounts.
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