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Get support from the CARTO team
Enterprise CARTO customers have access to the CARTO Support team via a dedicated email address: [email protected]. When contacting the Support team, providing the information described below will allow more agile communication and speed up problem resolution. Please, take into account that the information required by our Support team depends on your deployment method:
  • A video capture of the error (a GIF format is preferred to a static image)
  • A .har file + screen capture of the web browser's developer tools console. You can find some information on how to generate this file in the following link.
  • Logs of the CARTO installation

Obtain logs for support from CARTO Self-hosted

Single VM Deployment
Orchestrated container deployment
If CARTO platform is deployed using Docker Compose, the following information will be required:
  • Status of the containers. Run docker-compose ps from the deployment folder
  • Logs of the containers. Run docker-compose logs -t > /tmp/carto.logs
    from the deployment folder and attach the /tmp/carto.logs file in your email.
The required logs for Kubernetes self-hosted can be obtained with our support tool, available here.
To get details about the status of the CARTO services, run the following command after downloading the file from the previous link:
bash --namespace NAMESPACE --release HELM_INSTALLATION_NAME --engine ENGINE --extra
These are the params required by the support tool:
  • --namespace: The Kubernetes namespace where the self-hosted is deployed
  • --release: The name of the Helm release specified when configuring the self-hosted installation. It can be obtained running helm list
  • --engine: gke, aks, eks or custom

Technical Support tiers and SLA's

The different support packages available for a CARTO customer are described here.
A guide for severity classification of issues is available here.
SLA's and target response time are detailed here.