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Data Observatory

Can I license premium data with a trial, or student account?

No, premium data subscriptions are only available for Enterprise plans. For Trial and Student plans, you will only have access to data samples or public data products from the Data Observatory.
Individual plans do not get access to the Data Observatory. If you need to use it, you would need to upgrade to a Starter plan, or get in touch with [email protected]

Are premium data subscriptions based on perpetual licenses?

Premium subscriptions are offered on a Data-as-a-Service model based on yearly or multi-yearly licenses. Once the subscription expires and it is not renewed, the user needs to stop using and delete the associated datasets from the account.

Can I export the data from CARTO and use it on other platforms?

It will depend on the data provider and the type of license you have purchased for your premium data subscription. Some data providers offer different types of licenses if their data is going to be used only within a CARTO application or exported into other technologies.