How to make my first API call

In this quick start guide, you will learn how to make your first API call against a CARTO API.

Get a token to call the API

Create an API Access Token using the API Access Tokens UI.

  1. Allow SQL API and LDS API

  2. Choose the CARTO Data Warehouse connection. Choose carto_dw

  3. Select allow access to all sources

Don't share this token

SQL API request

We're going to execute the following query against the CARTO Data Warehouse:

SELECT geom, name FROM `carto-demo-data.demo_tables.populated_places` 

The following CURL command will perform the request:

curl --get \
--url \
--data-urlencode "q=SELECT geom, name FROM carto-demo-data.demo_tables.populated_places" \
--header "Authorization: Bearer <API_ACCESS_TOKEN>"

LDS API Request

The following CURL command will geocode Valverde del Camino:

curl --get \
--url \
--data-urlencode "address=Valverde del Camino" \
--header "Authorization:  <API_ACCESS_TOKEN>"

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