Configuring your organization basemaps

CARTO supports custom basemaps via any web-map service that provides raster XYZ tiles, WMTS following the XYZ structure, and Style JSON. Admin users can upload these custom basemaps to their CARTO organization, making them available for use in Builder. In this section, Admin users can also configure the basemap gallery accessible to Editors, ensuring standardization and compliance across the organization.

Adding custom basemaps

To add a custom basemap to your organization, click on "Add basemap" and specify the valid parameters:

  • URL: A valid basemap URL connected to the basemap service that supports the required formats.

  • Name: The name of the custom basemap.

  • Attribution: The attribution text displayed in the map background when this basemap is used.

Once a URL is validated, a preview of the basemap will be available on the right side of the modal. Use the map controls to specify the basemap card snippet. This snippet, along with the basemap name, will be displayed in the custom basemap list within this section and in the basemap section of Builder.

The number of custom basemaps that can be simultaneously linked to your CARTO organization is limited to 10.

Supported basemap formats

The CARTO platform supports the following basemap formats:

  • XYZ Raster Tiles: Delivers geospatial data formatted into geographical tiles, each referenced by "X," "Y," and "Z" coordinates for efficient map rendering.

  • WMTS using XYZ Format: Web Map Tile Services that serve geospatial data as images via a grid of tiles, identified by their "X," "Y," and "Z" coordinates.

  • Style JSON: A Style JSON document that defines the visual appearance of a basemap, compliant with MapLibre Style specifications.

Deleting a custom basemap

Admin users can delete custom basemaps as required by accessing the three dots located on the custom basemap card. Once the basemap is deleted, it will no longer be available as a basemap option in Builder.

If an existing public map was using this basemap, it will fallback according to the following logic:

  • CARTO Basemap: Defaults to CARTO Positron if available.

  • Google Basemap: Defaults to Google Maps Roadmap if available.

  • Custom Basemap: Defaults to the first custom basemap added if available.

Editor users will always have the capability to choose an alternative basemap that suits their requirements.

Enabled basemaps in Builder

In this section, Admin users can configure the basemap types that will be available to Editor users in Builder from the following options:

  • CARTO: Default basemaps provided by CARTO.

  • Google Maps: Standard basemaps from Google Maps.

  • Custom: Custom basemaps added by Admin users specific to the organization.

Please note at least one basemap type must be enabled.

Learn more about how to use basemaps during your map-making process in Builder here. For a step-by-step guide on custom basemaps, check out our tutorial in the Academy.

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