Sharing workflows

Share with your organization

This guide describes how you can share a workflow with the other users within your CARTO organization.

When you create a workflow, it’s always set to private by default. To share a workflow, you just need to click on the Share button in the top-right corner to open the sharing options.

A new dialog screen will open allowing you to select who do you want to share your workflows with:

Currently, we support the following two main sharing options:

  • Private: Only you can view and edit the workflow.

  • Organization: The workflow will be visible to all users in your organization. Editor users will be able to duplicate the workflow so they can create a copy and start working on it.

    • If you have Single Sign-On (SSO) and Groups enabled at your organization, you will be able to share workflows only with specific groups, instead of the entire organization. Read more about Managing user groups.

Take into account that every time you share a workflow with the organization, that workflow will be available for every user in your organization in a view mode allowing them to see the whole workflow diagram. Editor users will be able to duplicate the workflow and edit their copy as they wish.

Export a workflow as a SQL file

Click on the three dots in the upper-left corner and find 'Export'

This action will download a file that contains the SQL code needed to create a stored procedure based on the contents of your workflow. It will observe existing variables and parameters, the former being exposed as input parameters for the stored procedure.

Import a workflow from a SQL file

A .sql file that was obtained by exporting a workflow can be imported to reproduce the same workflow. There are two different ways to import a workflow:

  • Drag a drop a compatible .sql file into your Workflows page in Workspace.

  • Click the import button next to + New workflow and select a file from your computer.

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