Collaborative maps

You can collaborate with other users and work on the same maps. This is useful for publicly embedded maps where any teammate could fix or improve an issue, and also for joint research projects with other analysts.

To allow collaboration in your maps, open the Shared map settings and enable the Collaboration setting: "Allow other editors to edit this map"

After you enable this setting, all editors with access to this map will also be able to edit it. For example:

Collaboration is only possible if all the sources in the map use shared connections.

For security, private connections can't be used in collaborative maps. Otherwise, users in your organization could impersonate freely your database credentials.

Collaboration is asynchronous. If two users try to open the map at the same time, a pop-up will appear to decide who will take control of the map at that moment. If the current editor is away from the keyboard, the new editor can take control of the map in 30 seconds.

The current editor can also choose to deny the take over, remaining in control of the map until the map is closed.

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