Map preview for editors

The Map Preview feature is designed to provide an interactive experience of viewing and adjusting the map during the editing process. This ensures that all modifications are precisely reflected, allowing for a thorough review before making the map accessible to viewers.

Accessing map preview

  1. Open the map you're currently editing or wish to review.

  2. Find the "Preview" button, located in the top right of Builder interface.

  3. Click on the "Preview" button to switch from editing mode to preview mode. This action allows you to view the map as an editor, with all current changes applied.

Using Preview Mode

Preview mode is designed to complement the editing process, offering:

  • Publish updates : You can publish updates in Preview mode on the quick action or Sharing modal.

  • Modify sharing settings: Directly in Preview mode, adjust map permissions to control the map's accessibility.

  • Access sharing resources: Utilize resources in Preview mode to streamline the sharing process.

  • Seamless mode transition: Easily toggle between Preview and Edit modes to continue refining your map without losing any changes.

  • Apply adjustments: Make changes such as zooming and filtering in Preview mode. These adjustments are essential for reviewing how the map will appear to viewers and can be published directly from this mode.

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