Publishing and sharing maps

In Builder, the 'Share' functionality is designed for versatile map distribution. Users can adjust a map's accessibility levels, from private settings to wider organizational or public access.

Moreover, with a focus on teamwork, this feature endorses collaborative mapping, empowering teams to operate collectively. To enhance the viewer's navigation, specific URL Parameters can be set, directing them to particular map views, layers, or geographic areas.

Sharing options

You can set the permission of your map from the following options:

  • Private: Only you can view and edit the map.

  • Organization: The map will be visible to users in your organization.

    • Entire Organization: The map will be visible to all users within your organization.

    • Specific groups: The map will be visible to only specific groups of users in your organization. Read more on this option.

  • Public: Anyone with the map link can view it.

Collaborative mode

When a map is shared with the organization, groups, or publicly, you can enable provide access to other Editors within your organization to edit this map. To do so, activate the 'Allow editing this map' option within the Sharing options modal. Learn more about collaborative mode.

Sharing with specific groups

If you have Single Sign-On (SSO) and Groups enabled at your organization, you can share maps exclusively with specific groups within your organization rather than with all users belonging to it.

To grasp the synchronization process of groups between CARTO and your SSO Identity Provider, please refer to our documentation on Managing User Groups.

Password protected maps

You can protect your public maps before sharing by enabling password protection. After setting a password, those with the link will need this password to access.

Public maps can be disabled entirely, for all users in your organization, for security purposes. If you're an admin and want to disable public maps, contact us through your usual point of contact or via email to

Sharing resources

Once the map is accessible by others, you can access the following sharing resources:

  • Copy map link: Quickly share your map by copying its direct link. You can access this resource from the main Sharing modal or as a quick action.

  • Embed this map: Seamlessly integrate your map into websites or applications by utilizing the provided embed code snippet available in the Sharing modal. Learn more about embedding maps.

  • Develop a custom app: Use the map id available in the Sharing modal to craft a custom application. Read more in this section.

Publishing updates for shared and public maps

Once you've shared your map with your organization, groups, or made it public, you can manage its updates to ensure that any ongoing edits enhance rather than disrupt the viewing experience.

To publish your recent modifications, use the "Publish updates" option. This is conveniently located as a quick action near the Share button or within the main sharing modal. This feature allows for swift publication of updates.

Upon publishing, the system ensures that all viewers access the most current version of the map. For editors, the modal will display the date of the most recent update, providing clear insight into the timeliness of the shared information.

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