Working with geospatial data

Storing geospatial data

The support for geometries in Databricks is experimental and the API might be subject to changes in the future.

Databricks doesn’t have native support for geospatial data types. That means not being able to store geospatial data as a geometry or a geography.

CARTO Maps API can work directly with geospatial data represented as WKT strings. However, this method does not allow to dynamically generate tiles, so the support is limited to tables smaller than 30MB.

That means you can preview your data in Data Explorer, load it in Builder to create maps and use it in your custom applications, if it’s stored as a text string.

In order to preview your tables from Data Explorer, the column that contains the geometry string needs to be called geom or geometry

SQL Query data sources in Builder that return geometries are NOT SUPPORTED and will return an error.

The only supported geospatial support for SQL Query data sources are H3 indexes.

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