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Workflows examples

How to use these examples

The CARTO team has designed this collection of Workflows examples with a hands-on approach to empower users and ease the Workflows learning curve.
These examples showcase a wide range of scenarios and applications: from simple building blocks for your geospatial analysis to more complex, industry-specific workflows tailored to facilitate running specific geospatial use-cases.
Making use of these examples is very easy. Just download them and import into your CARTO account. Each example will import the necessary data upon recreation of the Workflow in your account. Once the workflow is ready, you will be able to modify it, replacing the data sources and re-configuring the different nodes so it can be useful for your specific use-case.

Catalog of workflow examples

Data Preparation

Data Enrichment

Spatial Indexes

Spatial Analysis

Generating new spatial data


Retail and CPG


OOH Advertising