Data Sources

In the Sources explorer you can find all the data sources available via the data warehouse connection that you have selected when creating the workflow. Here you can learn more about how to create your data warehouse connections in CARTO.
In case you are using a service account to connect to Google BigQuery, note that it must have at least “big query. data_owner” permissions in order to edit schemas, create and edit tables, and get information regarding jobs.
It is important to note that currently each workflow can only be associated with one single data warehouse connection and that it is defined at the time of creating the workflow (without being able to modify it afterwards).
If you want to use data that is not available via the data warehouse connection used in the workflow, you always have the possibility to drag and drop files to your workflow at any time which will get imported to your data warehouse via the established connection. Please find the list of supported file formats and size limits here.
Limitations with CARTO Data Warehouse in non-US regions
If you are using your CARTO Data Warehouse connection and your CARTO organization has been provisioned in a cloud region outside of the US (e.g., Europe-West, Asia-Northeast), please note that currently in CARTO Workflows you will not be able to leverage data stored in the shared-us and demo-data datasets/folders. Same applies to your Data Observatory subscriptions provisioned by default in the carto-data dataset. Please contact our support team if you need help relocating data tables to a dataset in the same region as your CARTO organization account.