CARTO is basemap-agnostic and is compatible with MapLibre, Google Maps, Amazon Location and Mapbox GL. allows you to visualize the data in your warehouse, but it doesn't provide a map with contextual information (like streets, roads, restaurants, cities, rivers, etc.) — This is usually called a basemap.

As you can imagine, most of the use cases require to have a basemap to give more context to your visualizations.

CARTO layer with a basemap:

CARTO layer without a basemap:

CARTO is basemap-agnostic and lets you decide which client technology they want to use. The following options are available:

If you don't have any specific requirements in your app, we recommend you use the CARTO basemap as it doesn't require extra configuration neither makes you incur in additional costs.

Basemap client libraries and costs

When using a basemap you will need two things: the library to render the basemap and a backend API service to provide the data of the basemaps.

The CARTO basemap service is included by default, with no additional costs, for all CARTO organizations. However, if a different basemap provider is used, the user will need to input their own API credentials for that provider and cover the costs for said provider. The cost of using a basemap service provided by a third-party will vary on the provider.

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