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November 7 2022

Geocoding, Isolines and Tokens quotas now available for tracking in Workspace


Following the release of geocoding and isolines for Google BigQuery, and the new layout for the Settings, we’re adding new trackers for quotas in Workspace so users can understand and predict their consumption.

  1. We added a new “CARTO for Developers” section, including:

    • Existing quota: Applications, for applications created using Workspace
    • A new quota: Tokens, for tokens generated using the Tokens API
  2. We also added a new “Location Data Services” section, including tracking for Geocoding and Isolines operations. These quotas are reset every month, and each unit represents a row processed.

  3. Finally, the “Connections” quota was removed, and will be gradually removed so users can create as many connections as needed without any warnings.

New Settings Layout