Data Observatory

Data Observatory

Subscribing to public and premium datasets

Using the same Spatial Data Catalog web interface within the CARTO Workspace users can instantly subscribe to any of our public datasets and submit requests to start the licensing process of premium datasets from our vetted data sources.

All subscriptions are available to all members of the same organization. This is, if a particular user subscribes to a public dataset, that subscription will be accessible by any member of their organization. Exceptionally, certain premium subscriptions will be accessible by a limited number of users.

Public datasets

If the dataset license is public, within the dataset page in the Spatial Data Catalog you can click on Subscribe for free to start the subscription process.

Data Observatory public subscription

After that, you will have to read an approve the license terms of that data source and confirm the subscription.

Data Observatory confirm public subscription

Once the subscription is confirmed, you will be redirected to the Data Observatory section of the Data Explorer, from where you will be able to operate with your subscription.

Data Observatory subscription from Data Explorer


Public subscriptions will automatically expire after a year. However, you can also unsubscribe at any point by clicking on the Unsubscribe button. Please note that this action will remove the subscription for all members of the organization and will affect all maps that contain layers that make use of this data.

Unsubscribe from Data Observatory subscription

Premium datasets

For premium dataset, the user can place a subscription request, after which our team of experts will get in touch to help you understand all the details about the dataset to ensure it is the best fit for the use-case and to guarantee a hassle-free subscription process. Once that process is completed, the premium data subscription will be automatically created and you will have access to a ready-to-query and always up-to-date version of the premium dataset of your choice.

Data Observatory premium subscription request

Data Observatory confirm premium subscription request

Those datasets for which you have requested access will be identifiable through the following banner. You can cancel your request at any point by clicking on the Dismiss it button.

Data Observatory premium subscription requested