Accessing free data samples

We provide free samples for most of our public and premium datasets. Simply choose the dataset of interest from the Spatial Data Catalog and click on the Access free sample button.

A new dialog will open for you to accept the terms of use of the data (e.g. it can be used for evaluation purposes only). Click on Connect sample to connect to the data sample.

You will be redirected to the Data Explorer section, from where you can explore your current connections as well as your Data Observatory subscriptions and samples.

You can create a map with your sample data by clicking on the Create map button at the top right of the screen. You can also delete it by clicking on the three points and choosing the Delete sample option.

Finally, if you click on View dataset, you will be redirected to the dataset’s page on the Spatial Data Catalog, where you can complete the subscription process if you wish to do so.

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