CARTO User Manual

CARTO User Manual

Understanding your organization quotas

Every CARTO pricing plan includes a set of available quotas such as the total number of editors or the total number of applications that the organization can create.

Let’s review these quotas more in depth, with examples to help you predict usage.

Appearance Settings

Editor users

An editor is a user that has permissions to create and edit maps, connections, applications… This is a hard quota, and will be enforced whenever you try to add new editors or when new editors try join the organization. For more information on how to manage users, check Managing User Roles.

Users set as “Admin” also count towards the editor quotas.

Viewer users

A viewer is a user that can only view the objects (maps, applications…) produced in the organization. They can’t create or edit anything in the organization… This is a hard quota, and will be enforced whenever users try to signup or whenever you try to add new viewers through invitations or roles. For more information on how to manage users, check Managing User Roles.

Total maps

All maps (public, private or shared) from all users count towards this quota. A good practice to manage this quota is to encourage users to delete unused maps, drafts, duplicated… For more information on how to delete and duplicate maps, check the Maps documentation.

Public maps

Only maps that are shared as “Public” outside the organization count towards this quota. For more information on sharing maps, check Publishing and Sharing Maps.


Applications are the way to create custom developments with CARTO. They are created under the Developers section of the Workspace. Registered apps (the ones you register in Settings) don’t count towards this quota. Learn more in the Applications documentation.


The way to get, analyze and visualize data coming from your cloud data warehouse is through a connection. You can create a connection with Google BigQuery, Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, Databricks or PostgreSQL. Learn more about Creating and Managing connections.

This quota is the maximum number of connections that your organization can have, but it’s a soft quota and you can create more connections than this number.

We recommend keeping a low number of connections for security and traceability.

Increasing quotas

  • If you need to increase any of these quotas, please contact your Account Manager, Customer Success Manager or send an email to