CARTO User Manual

CARTO User Manual


The CARTO Workspace provides an improved and easier experience to help the user build maps and solutions using their geospatial data.

The Data Explorer section in the Workspace allows users to explore their data warehouse(s) and data observatory subscriptions as well as creating maps from their data.

From Connections panel, select a connection to view content (database/project(s), schemas/datasets, and tables) from top to bottom in a collapsible tree. If you haven’t registered a connection yet, you will see the following page:

Data Explorer cartodw

From Data Observatory panel at the bottom of the page, you can access the different Data Observatory datasets you subscribed to. If you haven’t subscribed to any dataset yet, you will see the following page:

Data Explorer no subscriptions

This dataset is as any other table in the Data Explorer. Meaning, that you can access the map and data preview of the table as well as creating a map in Builder.