Please be informed that our support services are exclusively provided for versions of our product that are less than one year old. It is crucial for the optimal performance, security, and functionality of our software that users maintain up-to-date installations.

We kindly request all users to ensure that their installations are running an updated version. By doing so, you not only ensure access to our support services but also benefit from the latest features, bug fixes, and security enhancements that come with each update.

Single VM deployment

To upgrade your CARTO Self-Hosted deployment, simply access the Admin Console and check for any available updates.

Once the update has been downloaded and all the preflight checks have completed successfully, initiate the upgrade process by clicking the “Deploy” button. Upon completion of the deployment, your single VM deployment will be successfully updated to the latest version.

Orchestrated container deployment

Follow the steps below if you're using an Orchestrated container deployment in Kubernetes.

Update steps

  1. Update the Kots version in your local machine:

curl https://kots.io/install | bash
  1. Update the Kots version in the cluster:

kubectl kots admin-console upgrade -n <namespace>
  1. Navigate to the Admin Console and update to the new version. Please, check that all the preflight checks are passed before upgrading your installation.

  1. The new changes should be available once all the services are in a ready status. You can check the status of each service by clicking in the “Details” button available in the Admin Console.

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