Configure your custom service account

When deploying CARTO Self-Hosted, each installation is accompanied by a dedicated infrastructure, including a Service Account key necessary for utilizing certain deployed services. However, if you prefer to utilize your own Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Service Account, please follow these steps before initiating the Self-Hosted installation:

  1. Create a Dedicated Service Account: Generate a dedicated Service Account specifically for your CARTO Self-Hosted deployment within your Google Cloud Platform console.

  2. Contact CARTO Support: Reach out to our CARTO support team and provide them with the email associated with the Service Account you've created. This step ensures seamless integration of your Service Account with your CARTO Self-Hosted deployment. Email CARTO Support Team with the service account email.

For any queries or assistance regarding this process, feel free to contact our support team. Once the service account has the proper permissions on CARTO infrastructure, you'll be able to use your custom service account to deploy the CARTO Self-Hosted platform.

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