CARTO Basemap

The CARTO Basemap is the default Basemap and it is included in all CARTO accounts. It uses the Open Source project Maplibre GL JS and CARTO base maps API.

At the Basemaps section of CARTO for you can find further information about how to use it. CARTO also provides a set of Basemaps Styles to easily adapt to multiple visualization contexts (dark, light, and voyager).

A code example is available here.

Further style customization

If the Basemaps Styles provided by CARTO are not enough and you need to go further to customize those styles you can do the following:

  1. Modify the styles to match your requirements.

  2. Put it in a public url.

  3. Pass to the mapSyle you want to use:

 const deckgl = new deck.DeckGL({
  map: maplibregl,
  mapStyle: '<your styles json url>',

If you need a UI to modify the styles, take a look at Maptunik (A free and open visual editor tool for editing Basemaps styles).

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