Analytics Toolbox for BigQuery

Analytics Toolbox for BigQuery


The Analytics Toolbox is available in different BigQuery projects depending on the cloud region. Choose the optimal one depending on the location of your data:

Region Analytics Toolbox - Project name
US multi-region carto-un
EU multi-region carto-un-eu
Asia Northeast 1 carto-un-as-ne1
Australia Southeast 1 carto-un-au-se1
North America Northeast 1 carto-un-na-ne1
Asia Southeast 1 carto-un-as-se1
US Central 1 carto-un-us-ce1
US West 1 carto-un-us-we1
US West 2 carto-un-us-we2
US West 3 carto-un-us-we3
US West 4 carto-un-us-we4
US East 1 carto-un-us-ea1
US East 4 carto-un-us-ea4
South America East 1 carto-un-sa-ea1
South America West 1 carto-un-sa-we1
North America Northeast 2 carto-un-na-ne2
Asia South 1 carto-un-as-so1
Asia South 2 carto-un-as-so2
Asia East 1 carto-un-as-ea1
Asia East 2 carto-un-as-ea2
Asia Northeast 2 carto-un-as-ne2
Asia Northeast 3 carto-un-as-ne3
Asia Southeast 2 carto-un-as-se2
Australia Southeast 2 carto-un-au-se2
Europe West 1 carto-un-eu-we1
Europe West 2 carto-un-eu-we2
Europe West 3 carto-un-eu-we3
Europe West 4 carto-un-eu-we4
Europe West 6 carto-un-eu-we6
Europe North 1 carto-un-eu-no1
Europe Central 2 carto-un-eu-ce2


Here is an example of how can you adapt a code snippet to use it in your own region:

/*Code snippet to use the Analytics Toolbox in the US multi-region*/
SELECT `carto-un`.carto.H3_CENTER('847b59dffffffff');

/*Code snippet adapted to use the Analytics Tolbox in US West 1 region*/
SELECT `carto-un-us-we1`.carto.H3_CENTER('847b59dffffffff');